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Unsecured Loans

Loan Use Guide  -  Any Purpose Loans

An unsecured personal loan may be used for any purpose - whether you wish to finance the purchase of a new car, finance your long deserved holiday abroad or simply consolidate all your existing debts into one easy and manageable monthly payment.

Holiday Loans

Holiday Loans - ideal for that dream holiday of a lifetime or when you simply need a well deserved break when you are strapped for cash. Apply now for an unsecured personal loan to finance a cruise to destinations Worldwide, a winter sun break, a city break, skiing or snowboarding trip, a Christmas holiday, your Honeymoon or even a golfing holiday.

Would you like to escape from the cold and wet British winter weather this year?

How about spending a week or two sitting under palm trees by the beach, drinking cocktails and enjoying the winter sun far away from home?

Go on, treat yourself to a fantastic cheap personal holiday loan  -  pack your bags and get ready for your UK holiday or holiday abroad !

Subject to status and affordability - unsecured loans are available to Tenants, Council Tenants, Living With Parents, Homeowners etc ... even if you have been refused finance or credit in the past, you will be considered for your holiday loan application.

Wedding Loans

Wedding Loans - ideal for couples getting married ...  in need of financial help to purchase Wedding Photography, Bridal Wear, Wedding Stationery, Wedding Insurance, Wedding Cars, Honeymoon in the UK or abroad, Reception, Hotel, Wedding Cake etc ...  the list goes on.

So how do people afford the perfect wedding?  Traditionally the Bride's parents were expected to pay for the Wedding but nowadays a Wedding may be financed differently.  Occasionally, the Groom's parents contribute or the couple themselves pay for their big day.  In modern times, engaged couples want to be more independent and provide a large amount of the Wedding finance themselves.

Wedding loans can be a great help in spreading the Wedding costs.  The Wedding loan is often set up by the couple or the parents.  For tenants, an unsecured loan can be arranged easily for up to 25,000.  Wedding loans can even be arranged for people with poor credit, bad or adverse credit.

Wedding loans can be used for any purpose such as the Wedding Dress, Wedding Reception, Wedding Rings, Honeymoon etc ...  you may even fancy getting married abroad and honeymoon abroad  -  how about an exotic Caribbean Island Wedding or an extravagant Las Vegas Wedding at White Chapel with Elvis?

Are you a young couple looking for Wedding finance or the parent of a young person planning a Wedding?

Wedding Fact:  Weddings are not cheap, they can become very expensive, especially if you are planning on a big Wedding with all the trimmings  -  in fact the average UK wedding costs between 11,000 and 15,000.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt Consolidation Loans - consolidate all your loan repayments and debt into one affordable monthly repayment with an unsecured debt consolidation personal loan.  Consolidate all your credit card monthly repayments, home improvement loan repayments, car loan repayments etc ...  into one low monthly payment  -  there are unsecured personal loans available for consolidation and you will receive an in principle decision ASAP.

Unsecured loans to consolidate debts are available for people in full time employment, part time employment, housewives, househusbands, retired, self employed and contract workers  -  no matter what your circumstances, all unsecured loan applications are considered on their own individual merit.

There are debt consolidation loan plans to suit every person with past or current credit problems, CCJs, defaults, IVAs etc  we have unsecured any purpose loan facilities to suit non-status, poor credit, bad credit or adverse credit customers who are looking for a personal loan for an easier life.

Would you like to be worry free, not having to be concerned about how to make ALL your repayments this month ?  Apply online now for an unsecured debt consolidation loan.

Even if you have a poor credit, bad credit or adverse credit history but can afford the repayments  -  your application will be considered and with a fast decision.

Subject to status and affordability  -  unsecured loans are available to Tenants, Council Tenants, Living With Parents, Homeowners etc ...  even if you have been refused finance or credit in the past, you will be considered for an unsecured loan application !

Online Unsecured Personal Loan Specialists

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